Month: April 2018

KFC is The Place To Be

The truth is that is the best starting point when hunger is making un-solicited demands of you. It’s not fair. You ate earlier and started the day off with a good and hearty breakfast. But you’re still experiencing pangs of hunger. A grumbling stomach and a lack of concentration and a hankering for that mysteriously good fried chicken. It is a difficult biological imperative to ignore or put off.

In the meantime, there is an incredible history here and it’s fascinating and rich in Americana. The same is true about coupons and how they came about. The history of the two is one of mutually benefiting one another. A tale of a symbiotic relationship where everyone wins. And that’s America after all isn’t it?

Check out some fast food facts. Perhaps it will take your mind off of your hunger:
Restaurant History

Reading up on coupons and how they work would also be a fascinating read, however, hunger is a fickle thing and it’s doubtful that with juicy fried chicken on the mind, study or just plain reading for enjoyment isn’t possible.

Sometimes it’s best to give in to the subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) signals from our bodies and provide what is demanded. What better choice than the friendly face of the Colonel himself? That world-famous face seems to always be there when the craving strikes. God I love this country!

There is always a way. My fellow citizens seem to always find a way for me to get my favorite food from my favorite places. Kentucky Fried Chicken is the one and only. I’m sure you can see the quality of my typing is slowly degrading as I discuss the food I love, not to mention the fact that I am going to download that valuable … Read the rest

Exceptional Food Services for Deserving Customers

Great food must always come with exceptional customer service. This combination go hand-in-hand in providing the customer with 100 percent satisfaction. This industry strives to offer every diner delicious food and superior service. Good food and a stunning ambiance make every dining experience superb. Exceptional service combined with delicious food does keep the customers happy. Every diner is a top priority in the food service business. Quality is never omitted in this business.

The Catering Industry Strives to Impress

There is much more to the food service business than meets the eye. The entire catering industry strives to earn the trust of the consumer. Fresh and delicious food cannot be rushed. The consumer has many options and will always choose quality for their money. The entire food service industry provides the consumer with many different options. Quick and convenient, cozy cafeterias, catering options and many more choices. This entire industry must include a large helping of satisfaction with every meal. Satisfaction will be offered with a combination of ingredients mixed in. This includes superior customer service, quality food, good preparation, timely service and so much more. Society needs to eat. The catering and food service industry must meet this need. Meeting the needs of the consumer is a large responsibility that must include high standards. The catering industry strives to impress the consumer in many ways.

Food Standards: The Agency to Adhere To

The Food Industry must adhere to The Food Standards Agency because serving food is serious business. It is vital to protect public health and serve them high quality food items. In this line of work, training and education are, indeed essential. There are agencies that ensure that food handling is done with the utmost care. Any type of food contamination must be addressed for the safety of … Read the rest

Five Common Reasons Pets Go to the Emergency Vet

It’s always scary when something happens to our pets and we never know when something could happen. In addition to normal vet clinics, there are also emergency vet clinics that see pets that are having a medical emergency. It can be hard to figure out if your pet is in an emergency or if it can wait for a normal appointment. If you’re not sure whether or not your pet needs an emergency vet williamsport pa, then keep reading to find out some of the most common reasons for these visits.

Bite Wounds & Other Wounds

One of the most common reasons for an animal to be seen at an emergency vet’s office is because of bite wounds and other types of wounds. Not only can these be extremely serious, but they can also cause an infection if they’re left alone. Even if it seems like a minor wound, you should get your pet checked out to rule out anything more serious.


Another reason pets end up at the emergency vet is because of poisoning. This is so common because there are so many ordinary household things that can poison your animal. You also have to take into account the mean natured people who poison animals just because they don’t like them. If your pet shows any signs of poisoning, you want to get them to the emergency clinic as soon as possible because it can very quickly lead to death!

Being Hit by a Car

Unfortunately, animals don’t understand that they can’t just run into the road and, often times, people just don’t have time to stop before hitting the animal. Being hit by a car can be very serious because you never know what kind of internal injuries your pet might have. Even if they … Read the rest

Making My Favorite Morning Beverage

Getting caffeine in my system in the morning is the first thing I like to do. When I wake up in the early morning, I can’t think of anything better to get my day started. It’s incredibly important to me. I find that my day isn’t the same if I don’t get a hot cup of the finest ground beans. I have particular tastes, so not any beverage will do. My taste buds have become rich over the last decade. I only buy the same brand of coffee every time I go to the grocery store.

I always buy the same brand because I trust their coffee to taste great when it comes out of my machine. I buy some Folgers ground coffee because it always tastes great to me. My morning would feel incomplete without my coffee. I like to prepare it when I first wake up because it takes a few minutes to finish brewing. I don’t like to drink it when it’s too hot either. I find that if I start making coffee when I first open my eyes in the morning it will be ready when I am ready to eat breakfast. Timing is crucial. If I start making coffee too late, then I will be forced to drink a hot beverage.

I don’t like to wait to make my coffee because if I wait until it is time to make breakfast for me and my wife, then I will be forced to use creamer in my coffee it keep it from burning my tongue. If it’s too hot, I’ve got to get it to a cooler temperature somehow, so I often add creamer to the coffee to make it cool enough to drink. If I add cream to my coffee, I’ll likely try to avoid … Read the rest