All About How You Feel

In our society today, now more then ever everyone is jumping on the healthy food phenomenon! The vegan industry has taken the internet by storm and it makes us all look at our eating habits a little bit different. Is it really healthy to be vegan, eat meat, or just be a vegetarian? I’ll say the best way to answer this question is to listen to your body! Our bodies are the best compasses showing us which roads we should take in regards to consumer different types of foods.

How Does It Make You Feel

Let’s be honest here for a moment. How does your body feel before and after you indulge in some of your favorite meals? Do you feel great after eating meat? Do you feel lazy and uninspired? Our bodies always lets us know what it and isn’t good for us. Personally I eat meat and I have my days where I do not eat meat and I feel great. The thing that society has to learn is just because something may have worked for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you. That seems to be one of the larger issues at hand when it comes to food because everyone want s to be thin or look like the next person so they are asking the golden question which is “What do you eat?” It seems like everyone is saying go vegan or eat this and eat that but what happens when we don’t see those same results? That’s why I said everyone’s body is different and you have to do what feels good for you.

Customize Your Eating Habits

We have so many different companies, internet recipes and furs to show us how to eat and what the best for us to eat. There are even companies such as butcher box and if you go to google and type on a butcher box review you will see that it is a great service that has grass feed beef and such. I believe having healthy food meaning grown organically, and having our animals feed organically can greatly increase our overall health. You don’t have to stop eating meat to be healthy but go for the better quality meat. You can stop eating meat if that’s your prerogative but don’t force yourself. Customizing your meal plan to fit your bodies needs is the key to healthy lifestyle and Healthy eating. When we take care of our bodies by eating health we are also taking care of the environment.

In Conclusion

Everyone is different and everyone body responds to different foods according. You don’t have to eat like the next person. Figure out what your own diet should be and most certainly invest in some great organic meat and vegetables. You want the best for your body so your body can be the best for you.