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What to Consider when Designing a Restaurant

There are many things to consider when designing a restaurant. It’s not just about creating a pleasant place for people to enjoy food; it’s about designing somewhere appealing, appropriate and functional. It needs its own identity and must have something that will make customers want to return and it should also be a good place to work.


Without a theme there can be little significant design. Even if it the restaurant is to be very simple and functionality is the only concern that has to be a clearly identified theme so that the overall design can meet those specifications. Without an overall design to pull all of the elements together a restaurant will present as ill-considered and at worst not a very appealing place to eat.

If the restaurant is also to have a bar, this will also need careful consideration as it should compliment the overall … Read the rest

Beautifully Designed Restaurants In The UK

Now that the quality of food in restaurants in the UK has become so good – many dining businesses are turning to their interior to ‘wow’ customers. Although London is often seen as the focal point for great design, there are some stunning restaurants dotted all around the UK that are well worth a visit. The UK now proudly boasts many restaurants inside and outside of the capital city that are at the forefront of design. One of the many reasons companies like Dawnvale are so successful now is because restaurants really are focusing on their interiors.


 German Gymnasium, London

Despite what the name would suggest, this Kings Cross restaurant is nothing like a gym. The name stems from the fact that the building was a gym designed by Edward Gruning in 1864 before it became the hot spot it is today. The light, airy space displays symmetry that … Read the rest

Tips On How To Make Sponge Cake So As Not To Throw

Failure when making sponge cake does not despair quickly. Here are the complete tips on how to make a sponge cake so as not to thicken or less perfect. Many mothers and teenage daughters are reluctant to make a sponge cake because it can be spelled out often failed. Do not despair first, because you may be less careful in preparing the material and there is a mistake how to make sponge cake so that in the future time become proficient in the case of the steamed cake recipe.

It can be said that at this time quite a lot of types and kinds of sponge cake, both simple sponge cake up to unique sponge cake, but still ingredients of steamed cake used remain the same as wheat flour, baking powder, sugar, and others. If there is a difference usually more on the shape and taste that leads to the … Read the rest

The Importance of Layout for Commercial Kitchens


Layout fulfils a vital role in commercial kitchen design. If your kitchen plant isn’t optimal, your efficiency will start to drop, leading topoor productivity. And with poor productivity comes plummeting profit. You can avoid this pothole by ensuring your kitchen adheres to one of several layouts designed to maximize your operational capability. Even better, let Dawnvale do it for you. Wespecialise in designing and building low energy, theatre style kitchens to client specifications. We’ve been in the business since 1994, and whatever you need, we can deliver. There’s a reason we’re a UK kitchen design leader.


Our clients include Hilton Hotels, TGI Fridays, Levi Root’s Caribbean Smokehouse, and Manchester City FC. We work alongsideour customers to deliver exactly what they want, according to your timeframe and budgeting requirements.For us, commercial kitchen design relies on many crucial factors, layout chief among them. As your sure to agree, a place for … Read the rest

Tech companies provide free, unlimited snacks for their employees

The old adage goes that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. and many major tech companies are now taking this advice quite literally by offering free snacks and meals to their employees. What are the benefits of feeding your staff? Is it a financially viable incentive for employers?

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What are the benefits?

With a report in Business Insider estimating that Internet giant Google is spending approximately $72,288,000 per year feeding its employees, is this really a sustainable and worthwhile investment from a business point of view? Many employers believe so. Not only does a healthy meal or snack boost energy levels and productivity in an employee, but it also promotes a healthier diet, which could lead to a decrease in sickness levels later down the line. Aside from the physical health benefits, it provides a lot of emotional benefits. It shows staff they are valued … Read the rest