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Mineral Lick Salts for Your Animals

Animals both Domestic and wild visit salt licks to consume clay as well as supplementing their diet with minerals and other trace elements. Some animals don’t require these minerals for nutrition but indeed to ward off effects of secondary compounds that are necessary for providing defense against herbivory. The contents of these salt licks include Magnesium (Mg), Phosphorous (P), Sodium (Na), Calcium (Ca), Potassium (K) and Sulphur (S). These mineral lick sites play an essential role in diversity and ecology of organisms who visit these sites as well as dietary benefits.

What are these Salt Licks?

Salt Licks which are also known as mineral licks are places where animals visit to lick essential nutrients like minerals and other trace elements which cannot be synthesized by their bodies from deposits of minerals and salts. These mineral licks occur naturally but can also be made by human being. Examples of human-made mineral licks are the salt lick blocks which farmers put them in pastures for the livestock to lick.

Importance of Mineral Licks 

The mineral licks play a crucial role generally in the nutritional status and health of the animal. First, they provide essential nutrients which the animal body cannot synthesize. The licks also help in strengthening and growth bones and muscles of the animals. You can also use the licks to attract your livestock when you want to deworm them or have a health check up on them as the scent of sodium attracts them. The salt licks can also be used for hunting because as stated they draw animals.

How to build a Mineral Lick Block

If your animals have no access to mineral lick sites, then there are options to either buy or make one for yourself. This article describes in steps how you can make your Salt … Read the rest

Artificial Sweeteners and Other Sugar Substitutes

Most Americans eat the equivalent of twenty teaspoons of sugar on a regular day. The sources of these sugary products are cereals, snacks, sodas, chocolates, coffee, etc. Now for an average person, sugar might not be that injurious, unless the sugary diets you take start keeping you from taking a healthy nutritious diet. So people who want to lose weight or have to be careful about their blood sugar because of diabetes, this amount of sugar can be lethal for their health. But most of us just can’t get enough of sugary foods and snacks, we want the taste of sugar but not its many unhealthy effects. This is where artificial sweeteners come in. Artificial sweeteners are an excellent sugar replacement. They are sweeteners with a low calorie count, and according to the International Food Information Council, are safe to use.

Let’s take a look at five artificial sweeteners that are approved by the FDA:

  • Saccharin (Sweet ‘N Low)
  • D-Tagatose (Sugaree)
  • Sucralose (Splenda)
  • Aspartame (NutraSweet or Equal)
  • Acesulfame potassium (Sunett)

While there are plenty of advantages of artificial sweeteners, there are some disadvantages, too. Following are three disadvantages of the consumption of artificial sweeteners.

  • May Cause Diseases

According to a few studies, some diseases are caused by excessive use of artificial sweeteners. This also includes the possibility of cancer. But artificial sweeteners have been declared safe by the US Food and Drug Administration.

  • Ingestion of Chemicals

Artificial sweeteners are usually man-made chemicals and can be harmful to the human body as human body often fails to handle high dosage of chemicals.

  • Increase Sugar Cravings

Since we know that artificial sweeteners aren’t really sugar, we tend to consume more of them than we would sugar. Even more so, they do not really satisfy our sugar cravings, and may lead to … Read the rest

Thanking A Teacher

 Whether it’s the first day of school, the last day or a week of celebrating, there is always a time when you can show your appreciation to teachers. When you begin making gift baskets for teachers, try to let your children help as much as possible. If your children have several teachers or you want to do something special for each teacher in the school, then make small baskets that are the same as what you would give for a lead teacher but without as many items included.

A fun basket idea to hold all of the things you’ll give would be a red basket with a green bow or a green handle so that it resembles an apple. Another option is to use a white basket and wrap printed ribbon with images of things found in the classroom around the top. You could also use a clear plastic storage container to hold all of the treats that you give to a teacher. The storage container could then be used in the classroom for organizing homework papers or other supplies that the teacher uses each day.

When you start adding things to the basket, think about what the teacher needs. It could be folders, crayons, pencils, or notebook paper. Try to personalize each gift as much as possible with things that can be used in the classroom as well as a few things that the teacher will enjoy using at home or in a location other than the room. Ideas include candy bars, cookies, gift cards to get coffee, or even a small bottle of wine and a glass. You could also include small boxes of coffee or tea along with a mug or two. You don’t have to put a lot of money into the gifts that you make … Read the rest

One way to strengthen a family or friends in choosing processed foods


One of the lovely joys of life is the ability to get to know other people and socialize. It’s always nice to feel like you’re a part of a community and have the camaraderie of people you love around you. In order to strengthen the relationships, find ways to get see one another and spend time together. A great way to do this is through a really nice dinner party. Host a few of your friends and prepare an amazing meal. There’s nothing like good hospitality and in order to host well, pay attention to details like appetizers. Consider these perfect appetizers to give your guests while they wait for their food.

  1. Mini-Meatballs

Mini-meatballs are delicious and fun to make. You can choose to make mini-meatballs using ground lamb, turkey or chicken. Add savory spices and fry the meatballs for a crunchy exterior. Add a sweet and sour sauce and bake the meatballs for 20 minutes on low heat. As the flavors combine, serve the mini-meatballs to your guests with toothpicks.

  1. Crackers & Cheese

Crackers and cheese might seem like a childish option, but consider using cream cheese instead. To make it more sophisticated, cut fresh chives into extremely small pieces. As you cut up the chives, you can sprinkle them on top of the cream cheese and mix them in as well. To take this appetizer to the next level, add smoked salmon as a topping. Organic crackers with a cream cheese dip topped with smoked salmon will be such a hit.

  1. Tortilla Chips & Guacamole

Who can turn down a delicious guacamole dip? The best guacamole is homemade. Find a few recipes on YouTube and try the recipe before making a bunch of it for your guests. Choose the ripest avocados, fresh limes and juicy tomatoes. Don’t forget … Read the rest

KFC is The Place To Be

The truth is that is the best starting point when hunger is making un-solicited demands of you. It’s not fair. You ate earlier and started the day off with a good and hearty breakfast. But you’re still experiencing pangs of hunger. A grumbling stomach and a lack of concentration and a hankering for that mysteriously good fried chicken. It is a difficult biological imperative to ignore or put off.

In the meantime, there is an incredible history here and it’s fascinating and rich in Americana. The same is true about coupons and how they came about. The history of the two is one of mutually benefiting one another. A tale of a symbiotic relationship where everyone wins. And that’s America after all isn’t it?

Check out some fast food facts. Perhaps it will take your mind off of your hunger:
Restaurant History

Reading up on coupons and how they work would also be a fascinating read, however, hunger is a fickle thing and it’s doubtful that with juicy fried chicken on the mind, study or just plain reading for enjoyment isn’t possible.

Sometimes it’s best to give in to the subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) signals from our bodies and provide what is demanded. What better choice than the friendly face of the Colonel himself? That world-famous face seems to always be there when the craving strikes. God I love this country!

There is always a way. My fellow citizens seem to always find a way for me to get my favorite food from my favorite places. Kentucky Fried Chicken is the one and only. I’m sure you can see the quality of my typing is slowly degrading as I discuss the food I love, not to mention the fact that I am going to download that valuable … Read the rest