KFC is The Place To Be

The truth is that KFC.com is the best starting point when hunger is making un-solicited demands of you. It’s not fair. You ate earlier and started the day off with a good and hearty breakfast. But you’re still experiencing pangs of hunger. A grumbling stomach and a lack of concentration and a hankering for that mysteriously good fried chicken. It is a difficult biological imperative to ignore or put off.

In the meantime, there is an incredible history here and it’s fascinating and rich in Americana. The same is true about coupons and how they came about. The history of the two is one of mutually benefiting one another. A tale of a symbiotic relationship where everyone wins. And that’s America after all isn’t it?

Check out some fast food facts. Perhaps it will take your mind off of your hunger:
Restaurant History

Reading up on coupons and how they work would also be a fascinating read, however, hunger is a fickle thing and it’s doubtful that with juicy fried chicken on the mind, study or just plain reading for enjoyment isn’t possible.

Sometimes it’s best to give in to the subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) signals from our bodies and provide what is demanded. What better choice than the friendly face of the Colonel himself? That world-famous face seems to always be there when the craving strikes. God I love this country!

There is always a way. My fellow citizens seem to always find a way for me to get my favorite food from my favorite places. Kentucky Fried Chicken is the one and only. I’m sure you can see the quality of my typing is slowly degrading as I discuss the food I love, not to mention the fact that I am going to download that valuable coupon asap and zoom to my destination. For it’s the simple things in life that drive us harder than the complex, and the simple thing are always easier to achieve and enjoy.

It’s too simple to click on that coupon that seemed to have read your mind and had the offer you’ve been hankerin’ for. And the destination is never too far away. Mentally, I am already there. Having that precious digital or paper coupon in hand; schedule clear; key in pocket; full tank of gas and no distractions. It is the perfect setting and perfect time, and the ol’ stomach hasn’t quieted a bit. in fact, the grumbling has increased. Not to mention the fact that Chicken is super healthy. Bonus!

Frequenting this utopia of coupons is going to be a super beneficial habit hence forth. It’s just too easy and too wise to not pass up or overlook the excellent values that so many wonderful people have gone out of their way to present to all of us.
I can’t wait to eat, let’s go!