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Dining Out with Friends: Sticking to Your Diet Plan

If you are the type of person whose goal is to eat healthy, dining out at a restaurant might cause you unnecessary anxiety and frustration. You might end up eating more than you wish especially when servings are big. And because you often don’t know what goes in the food they serve, you can end up consuming more calories than you thought.

But you don’t need to stress yourself too much about it. Having healthy eating habits doesn’t mean you need to exclude yourself and avoid going out with friends to dinner. You can still enjoy their company, and dine healthy at the same time, here’s how.

Check the menu in advance before deciding on a place. You will get a better idea of what food they serve if you look at their menu in advance. Some restaurants include calorie counts beside the dishes to guide healthy eaters who are conscious about their calorie intake – this is helpful. Others will have a section marked ‘healthy’ or ‘light’ while some have a heart symbol to indicate that this dish is good for the heart. This tells you that that dish was prepared with the diet- or health-conscious customer in mind.

At times, you don’t know how a certain dish is prepared or what its ingredients are, but you can inquire from your server. It is good to know if it’s fried or baked. You don’t end up guessing how healthy a dish is because of the information you already know.

A side dish of potatoes or fries often goes along with your order. But if you order salad to replace the fries when you order, oftentimes your order gets accommodated. If you can’t avoid the potatoes, just make sure you avoid the sour cream.

Most of the time, if you ask nicely, restaurants will have no problem adjusting to your requests. If a healthy-looking dish is rich in cream or cheese, you can ask yours to have none. Sometimes, it’s better for you to request a separate dish for your sauces so you can choose how much to put. A separate saucer for your sauces is something you should always ask for, because you can’t control how restaurants drench your greens with them.

You know that starters and desserts are often unnecessary. But if you are in the mood, pick a starter instead of a dessert. Avoid creamy soups, if you are going for a soup. Salads without bacon, cheese, or rich and creamy dressings should be good.

If you will have wine, a glass is enough.