Tips On How To Make Sponge Cake So As Not To Throw

Failure when making sponge cake does not despair quickly. Here are the complete tips on how to make a sponge cake so as not to thicken or less perfect. Many mothers and teenage daughters are reluctant to make a sponge cake because it can be spelled out often failed. Do not despair first, because you may be less careful in preparing the material and there is a mistake how to make sponge cake so that in the future time become proficient in the case of the steamed cake recipe.

It can be said that at this time quite a lot of types and kinds of sponge cake, both simple sponge cake up to unique sponge cake, but still ingredients of steamed cake used remain the same as wheat flour, baking powder, sugar, and others. If there is a difference usually more on the shape and taste that leads to the name of sponge cake, such as sponge pandan, brown sponge, sponge steamed, sponge Banana, Black Glutinous Steamed sponge, and other types of sponge cake.

Thus if the mother all pay attention and complete and use materials and equipment properly, then, of course, sponge steamed artificial mother should be nice and tasty, but why yes always can be spelled out failed. One of the failures in making a sponge cake is often we call it a sponge cake or sponge cake not expanding. Well for a good step try to consider some hints and tips to prevent bubble cake.


5 Things that cause a sponge cake fail or throw

  1. The use of developer materials

In making sponge cake can be said to always use the developer materials, such as baking soda, self-raising flour, and baking powder. Keep in mind is the dosage of developer materials must be precise and another thing is the quality of developer materials should also be ensured still worthy to use. The most commonly used developer materials are usually baking powder or baking soda. Well for the rarely make the cake then, of course, the developer is stored long enough, so it needs to be ensured quality. If the mother hesitated with the developer material, try to put a little in hot water, if removing air bubbles is still feasible to use.

  1. While shaking the dough

The most important thing in making a sponge cake is when making the dough, because the quality of the dough greatly determines the results of the sponge cake. So do it right. One of the common mistakes is when entering sugar. We recommend that you do little by little by using the rotation of the mixer and make sure all the sugar is completely dissolved.

  1. Ingredients

There are times when the mother uses cake ingredients such as developer materials, sugar, or wheat flour stored in the refrigerator (refrigerator). Do not use immediately, leave the temperature normal to room temperature. The use of materials that are still too cold will cause the development of the dough is not perfect or uneven. Likewise when you try a potato cake recipe

  1. Cookie prints

Do not underestimate the selection of prints, though not absolute the use of cake molds that are too large will affect the time of maturation, so the time listed in the recipe of the mothering cake to be not fit. Another thing is the height of the dough in the mold sometimes also influential.

  1. Hot oven

Many mistakes in putting the dough in the oven when oven temperature has not been reached. Thus it is advisable to put the sponge cake batter when the oven temperature has been perfectly hot or in accordance with the prescription.

Similarly mother , sis beautiful, as well as teenage daughter selling some things that cause why sponge cake often dull. To try it please practice with Cheese Pineapple Recipe Prescription. To complement the cookbooks can write recipes that are the current trend of fried ice cream.