Hot Food Merchandiser

Attributes that Every Hot Food Merchandiser Should Have

A hot food merchandiser is a display case that can contain different food items to help you advertise to customers. It is a great way to get potential customers interested in your food by putting your exact items on display. This is nice way to get people to try your food, especially when you are a new business. It will allow your food to be visually inspected before the customer even orders, assuaging their doubts about if the item will be as described or not. Therefore, it can be a substantial bonus for your business to have a hot food merchandiser in order to display your food items. However, all merchandisers are not created equal. Therefore, it is imperative to make sure that they have the following attributes when setting up your display.

Focal Point

You can simply place your items in the merchandiser and they will attract attention. However, a better way to display your items is by creating a focal point. This will allow the customer to concentrate on a particular item and make it a wanted item off of your restaurant menu. You can change this up as often as you would like and feature different items per day or week. By creating a particular focal point, you will also increase sales by making a customer feel as if they have to have this particular item.

Maximize Exposure

Another thing to remember when filling your merchandiser is to make sure to use the space wisely. In order to do this, you should maximize the exposure of items included. There should be any large blank space in the merchandiser. The more items that you include, the more choices the customer has. If an item isn’t included it can also prompt questions from the customer about if this item as just as good of a choice as the others. Therefore, it is imperative to at least include all of the top items in the merchandiser.


You can choose a plain hot food merchandiser if you want the food to speak for itself. However, if you would like to draw even more attention to the items, you should pick a color that will stand out and help represent your business. This will attract the attention of your potential customers and create a theme around your food.

A hot food merchandiser is a great way to enhance your business. It will help attract customers and give them a chance to see the items before they purchase, alleviating any doubts that they might have.