In Minneapolis, Chinese Restaurant Cuisine Is Popular with People of All Ages

In cities and towns across America, Chinese restaurants are favorite dining spots for people of all ages. In Minneapolis, MN, for example, there are numerous Chinese restaurants that local residents patronize on a regular basis. Known for their large portions of flavorful food, these restaurants generally feature extensive menus.

Chinese restaurants that specialize in serving take-out foods are situated throughout Minneapolis. At these eateries, customers can choose from large selections of traditional Chinese favorites, as well as some American-style appetizers. Fortunately for consumers, most of the Chinese take-out spots in Minneapolis are reasonably priced, and open until late at night.

Some full-service Chinese restaurants in Minneapolis are quite elegant in appearance and offer a more formal atmosphere than restaurants that primarily offer Chinese take-out food. These restaurants usually feature cocktail lounges, and reservations are often required for dinner service. Among the special dinners that are served at these restaurants are roasted duck and beef short ribs.

When they visit any chinese restaurant minneapolis mn people often have a specific dish that they order consistently. Chicken, shrimp with lobster sauce and roast pork lo mein are just a few of the dishes that people order frequently. Mongolian beef, shrimp with broccoli and sesame chicken are other frequently ordered dishes at these restaurants.

Lots of different lunch and dinner options are on the menus of most Chinese restaurants in Minneapolis. Lunch specials are very popular items, as are combination dinners. Combination dinners often contain a main entree portion, fried or white rice and an egg roll.

People in Minneapolis who are dieting are still able to partake of some of the tasty foods served by local Chinese restaurants. Many of these restaurants serve various types of low-calorie, or “diet” dishes, such as steamed chicken with broccoli or steamed shrimp with mixed vegetables. Additionally, most of these establishments have an assortment of vegetarian dishes on their menus.

Dishes such as Szechuan vegetables with spicy sauce, and stir-fried green beans are made up almost entirely of fresh vegetables. Tofu is another food product that is used successfully in many vegetarian dishes by Chinese restaurants in Minneapolis. There are even ‘mock’ or alternative versions of some foods available at some of these dining spots.

The bars or cocktail lounges at some of the Chinese restaurants in Minneapolis are quite popular with local residents and visitors to the city. Usually clean and quiet, these lounges sometimes offer happy hours, that lots of people visit after work. At some of these happy hours, the restaurants provide complimentary hot and cold mini-buffets of delicious, snack food items.

Catering services are offered by some of the Chinese restaurants in Minneapolis, allowing hungry diners the opportunity to enjoy their delectable cuisine in different locations. At some of the restaurants, there are special rooms that are utilized for private parties, meetings and other special events. Because a good percentage of them are family owned and operated, these establishments consistently strive to provide a great dining experience for every customer.