Preparing Tasty Meals That Are Healthy

Sometimes, you might not have a lot of time in the afternoon or evening to prepare a healthy meal for your family. Instead, microwave foods or takeout meals are what your family eats until the next day. Here are a few recipes that only take minutes to make and that are made with healthy ingredients.

Sloppy Joes

While traditional sloppy joes might not be a healthy food option, you can make a version using black beans and lean beef. This will give you a bit more protein without getting as much fat from the full amount of hamburger that is used. Wheat buns can be used instead of white bread to take the healthy level to the next step. Top with your favorite vegetables for a delicious meal that is quick and easy to put together.

Hot Wings

For many people, hot wings are an item that they enjoy throughout the year. They can be served at special events or enjoyed while watching your favorite game on television. Any quick easy healthy recipes that you can add to your list of meals is hot wings made using cauliflower. Instead of chicken, you’re going to coat pieces of cauliflower in buffalo seasoning. You can bake the cauliflower until it’s crisp or even fry it in vegetable oil for a texture similar to hot wings. Pair the cauliflower with carrot and celery sticks for a fun meal any day of the week.

Pita Sandwiches

Instead of using bread to make your sandwiches, use pita pockets that are easy to fill. Scrambled eggs, onions, and peppers resemble an omelet that you would make in a pan. These are also convenient for adding a variety of meats and cheese to so that your family can have a healthy sandwich and one that’s a bit easier to carry around since it’s a pocket.


If you want to add healthy meats to your meals, then consider salmon. This type of fish doesn’t take long to cook, and you can add almost any kind of ingredient with the fish. Crushed walnuts, rosemary, and lemon blend well together to make a refreshing breading. You could also place thin lemon slices on top of each piece of salmon that you make, grilling or baking the meat so that it’s a bit healthier than frying. You can cut salmon into small pieces to make tacos, topping the salmon with fresh pineapple salsa.

Skillet Meals

When you make meals in a skillet, you can add several ingredients at one time so that your meal is complete in about 20 or 30 minutes. Chicken is an easy meat to make in a skillet if you cut it into small pieces. Add slices of red apples and cranberries for refreshing flavors. This is a meal idea for the cooler months that can be combined with sweet potatoes if you don’t want to include the apples. Dried cranberries deliver the same flavors but without the tartness if you want something that is a bit milder.